Pamai is forest

Agricultural Production & Transformation Group.
Pamai Wants To Say Forest
Pamai is forest reforestation
The primary motivation of the Pamai cooperative is forest reforestation, the redesigned forest, replanting the forest ...
Plant production and participation in the state program for the recovery of deforested forest land ...
The first market was 10,000 Pouloy plants, a wild ginger ...
May 2019, Purchase of a 16,000 m2 plot planted with 300 mango trees to plant a forest of edibles and aromatics ...
June 2019, planting of 100 banana trees, 200 pouloy, 100 henne, and indigo
September 2019 Purchase of a contiguous plot of 4000m2 planted with 450 mango trees
December cleaning before drought in fire prevention ...

Organic Herbal shampoo ...


The first herbalist product from the Pamai cooperative is the regenerating and restoring shampoo for the hair, it can also be used as a liquid soap for the whole body
made up of 9 plants, from our garden and forest reserves
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Then a whole range is naturally to graft
Hair care and coloring care and massage oils
The millennial tradition of Chinese herbalism has been preserved

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Ultrabio Fruit Wines


Ultrabio Fruit Wines
The great wine of Pamai flowers
Vinification Pamai uses no chemistry ... fruit ... flowers ... organic sugar .... and baker's yeast.
Wine production intended to enhance the production of fruit and flowers
No chemicals are used, so these are wines to drink quickly ... we have no experience in the conservation of these wines.
Good news we have obtained the manufacturing and distribution license
The tax administration is the last step to distribute the wine of anchan
An astonishing, surprising wine, rich in personality such as Thai cuisine
A sulfite-free wine controlled by ozone technology
From fruit washing, fermentation, assembly and sterilization of bottles = 0% chemistry ...

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The Inhabitants of the Mountain


Our association offers funding actions for food support or improvement of equipment for preschool KAREN kindergartens, a mountain ethnic group, passionate to discover.
PAMAI's humanitarian action is directed towards these adorable Karens who preserve traditions that future generations would not want to see lost
The KARENS lived in total self-sufficiency only from mountain products
But the construction of roads put them in contact with civilization bling bling ... Even if they do not yet have internet or electricity ... the children play with wooden smartphones which they constantly look at ...

Pamai in search of ancestral traditions.

Wild or Explorer Trek


Our forest is fantastic and totally out of the tourist market
Inhabited by the wonderful Karen people who set up rice fields wherever the river leaves some space
We decided to open a responsible eco-tourism, by asking the most explorers to explore ...
And by proposing wild trek lovers to check and improve the exploration data ...
But beware, among the karen, you have to follow the tradition,
few people are invited to stay there ...
But if you are welcomed, the unforgettable begins ...