Pooloy balm

Pooloy Balm, The Pooloy Balm

The Pooloy balm is an oily macerate of wild ginger roots, Zinziber montanum, Pooloy in Lanna language
In traditional herbalism, the Pooloy balm is applied in oil massage, it is a soft and invigorating balm.
The two Pooloy applications are the skin and the muscles.
The pooloy balm tones the skin and helps slow aging, acne, exema, dry skin, burns, excellent after the sun, after shaving, whenever you need to tighten the skin ...

The pooloy balm is an analgesic which effectively relieves muscle pain, after sport, walking, hiking, cycling, essential in trekking ...
Active ingredients
Linoleic acid (omega 6)
Oleic acid (omega 9)
Manganese, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, Iron,
Vitamins B1, B2 and B3.
INCI: Vegetable oil, Zinziber montanum, Beeswax.

Balm Technique, By A Masseur From Chiang Mai !!!

Fleur de Pooloy

I have been doing my Pooloi Balm massage for many years.
The texture of the balm is 88% pooloi oil and 12% beeswax, at first contact, the balm turns into oil.
Technically the oil is quick when the balm is deep.
With oil, slippery, the hand tends to loose gestures.
But the 12% beeswax slows down the hand a little.
All of my movements become slower and more supported.
Pooloi Balm is part of my daily use for sore muscles.

Turmeric Balm.

Le baume Curcuma

The Turmeric balm is an oily macerate of Curcuma longa roots, ......... in the Lanna language.

Wikipedia says:
Turmeric is considered an exceptional plant in view of its many properties (spice, food preservative, coloring agent, cosmetic and medicinal)

If a client has dry, or burned, or damaged skin, without hesitation The Turmeric Balm is incomparable the association of honey and turmeric which are two natural antiseptics, plus beeswax, which makes a protective film.
Arjan Nuat Daeng.

The Ruesi Balm

Le Baume De L'hermite, Ruesi Balm

In the range of powerful balms with lots of camphor and menthol
Ruesi Balm is a concentrate of mountain plants concocted by Arjan Ruesi Monrut Aim
All that is bone, cartilage, joint, rheumatism
headache, toothache,